Pastor Jonathan Nzola Launches Vision 2021 during Leader’s Seminar


Vision 2021 is about having 1000 disciples by the year 2021. The leaders were taught about excellence, Integrity, organization, vision, availability, attitude among other important discipline necessary for achieving the Vision. These are some of the notes worth reading for one to be a successful leader.

1. Authority: – Deligated.
Mathew 8:9 – You cannot have Authority unless you have been under authority. You cannot command unless you were cannot lead unless you are led..Demons don’t fear gifts, anointing, calling..they too have power and anointed. Romans 11:29. They fear Authority..Subject yourself to Authority of your leader and God. 1 Cor 12:31.

– Authority in Church – Pastor, deacon, cell leader, elder. Hebrew 13:17, 1 Timothy 5:1. The moment you joined Church, you came under Authority of Pastor. You cannot just leave…ask for permission if leaving the Church for good. If we are disobedient to Our leader/Pastor, one day God will put other people under you and they will treat you the same. Remember we reap what we sow.
– Authority at home – parents, Husband.
– Civil Authority – Boss, Govt.

2. Attitude/mentality/mindset – this is the Spirit of leadership – it’s a product of your belief. It distinguishes a leader and a follower. It makes a leader see circumstances differently. You must change your do you see yourself & the world. Lions attacks elephants because of who they think they are/can do even they are small. Proverb 23:7 – you become what you think. See situation with “I CAN DO IT MENTALITY”

Can you answer these questions:
– Who am I – Identity
– Where am I from – Heritage – from above.
– Why am I here – Purpose
– What can I do – Potential
– Where am I going – Destiny

3. Availability:
A leader must be available, sacrifice his time to be found in every Service. Otherwise those you lead will be demoralised. Make it your priority to be available. Can you be found in most of the services if not all or we have to call/SMS/remind you. Being a leader is costly, always you have to do extra.

4. Visionary
Any leader who has no Vision is a failure. A vision is the picture you see that you want to achieve. Proverb 29:18. A man who has no vision can’t work hard, is not focused and will give up when tough times comes. Vision helps you push further.

5. Mentorship
Mentor those you lead such that when you leave it doesn’t fail. Let them catch the vision and groom them to lead. Be an example for them to follow. You have to watch your life. Every Cell leader/department should mentor people under him.

6. Responsibility:
All responsibility begins with commitment. It’s a state of being committed and accountable to someone or something. Are you responsible.

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