Month of Thanksgiving – December

Thanksgiving – Giving Glory to God for his mighty deeds. It’s an inward attitude of gratitude. Glory that belongs to God is poisonous to man…every time he does are required to give him glory. Herod was eaten by worms for taking God’s glory.

  1. Thanksgiving brings wholeness:
    When God begins something and you thank him..he will ensure its completed. The ten lepers. Luke 17:11-19. James 1:17 – Every good and perfect (God has too categories of gifts – Good and perfect..until you thank God for good gift, you aren’t qualified for perfect gift. Good is a test that you must pass with thanks. Many are stagnated in anointing…they stopped being grateful. Recorgnize however small…Completion is in your appreciation. Psalms 138:8 – he will perfect that concerns you. Your good wife will be perfect.
  2. Thanksgiving and Praise brings his presence: 2 Chronicles 5:13 – 14.

He cannot give to himself praise and thanksgiving..These bring joy to him. He loves being around those who praise and thank him. We are like him..we feel happy when we are praised..nothing is more important than his presence. God will be around such people.

When you praise, thank him, you attract him. Prayer, giving gives God extra duty to do something for you but not thanksgiving and praise.

When you pray…he answers if he hears you. You must pray according to his will. Prayer has technicalities..but thanks and praise is anyhow.

Degree of gratitude is the degree of Glory in your life…the more grateful..the more colorful your life is. Show me an addicted thanks giver and I will show you a great man.

  1. Thanksgiving unlocks miracles and multiplication of blessings – There is No spiritual power more than thanksgiving. Jesus gave thanks and miracle happened. John 6:11. John 11:41. Jesus thank the father and Lazarus came to life. Jeremiah 30:19.
  2. A weapon of deliverance – Paul and Silas praised and thanked God, and God delivered them. Acts 16: 25. No emptiness for a thanks giver..You are in trouble, do you are responsible for it staying there.
  3. We thank him to preserve our blessings – Jeremiah 13:16. Malachi 2:2. His presence can leave your business or job..or property.

Don’t complain – 1 Corinthians 10:10. Complainers can’t thank God because all they see is their problem and God hates complain.

David praised his way into the heart of God. David praise God 7 times a day (psalm 119:164) and only prayed three times a day. Psalm 55:17.

We thank him for what he has done and praise him for who he is.


  1. Prayer of thanksgiving – Philippians 4:6.
  2. Praise and Worship of Thanksgiving – Psalms 106:1.
  3. Testimony of Thanksgiving – Telling others what he has done while being grateful. Psalms 71:15.
  4. Giving an offering as a thanksgiving. Psalms 54:6.
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