Understanding Faith

Hebrew 11:1 – Faith is the CONFIDENCE/ASSURANCE of things hoped for.

Did you know that time, circumstances, challenges, the Devil fights your confidence. Once you lose your confidence in God then faith fades away and you begin to stagger at his word.

Everybody has Faith:
Romans 12:3 – measure of faith (little), Grow it. You get this at the time of salvation. Little faith will move some mountains as Jesus promised but not all Mountains…some mountains are big hence big faith is required. End times require Mega faith because of Mega problems/challenges.

How does faith comes:
Romans 10:17 – Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Hear more of the word of God.

Faith and hope:
Faith is now..possessive. Hope is for the future. If you say am blessed that’s faith, I will be blessed that’s hope. God is careful with tenses because he knows what he has done and what he is yet to do.

Faith and Time:
Faith is a spiritual law and Time is a natural law. Faith operates in the fourth dimension(spiritual), in this realm, you see, relate with unseen evidences/realities..so your confession is what you see in this realm. While time is in the third dimension(physical/natural realm). Faith is not affected by Time. It doesn’t matter how long it takes…if you have faith, time is useless. Mark 11:20 (The tree dried the next day physically but spiritually it was dead that very moment Jesus talked to it). James 1:3 testing of faith produces patience.

A man of faith has peace in the midst of turmoil…why he knows the end (sees the unseen realities).

Faith and Sin:
Faith is not affected by sin. Mathew 8:9. The centurion was a sinner a gentile…gentiles were dogs. But he believed the words of Jesus.
Many shall come to him…saying I did this and that..cast devils..these were sinners would be disqualified..yet by faith in Jesus name they cast demons, did miracles.

#The Devils often destroys our confidence as he reminds us of wrongs making faith of non effect. Don’t listen to accusations of the enemy.

Faith in God and Faith in his promises.
Faith in God is the highest…able to stand in any circumstances. For Example If I tell you I will come. You trust my word but you don’t know me. If you know me..you won’t be shaken. Jesus said Have faith in God.

How do I know I have faith:
Faith is known by the TEST you go through. It’s the only way God knows you have faith or not. The word you receive attracts problems/challenges that come to prove faith.

Four types of faith:
1. Little faith – Mathew 8:26.
2. Great faith – Mathew 8:10.
3. Weak faith – Romans 4: 20.
4. Strong faith – Romans 4:19.

Four levels of Faith:
1. Faith in his works – John 14:11 Believe me for the works, John 20:29. It’s the lowest form of Faith…you believe because you see. If I pray..you see the person being healed…you believe.
2. Faith in his Word – Romans 10:17 – His word is the source of faith. Hearing by the word…hearing..you build your faith when you hear continuously.
3. Faith in the Rhema Word – Rhema another word within the written word. Word for the moment..specific word for the now (reality within your heart). Jesus walked the earth not on promises but on the revealed word. Not what God said but what God is saying. Happens when ur sensitive to the holy spirit. John 12:49.
4. Faith in God himself – Your revelation of God, Numbers 23:19. God is not a man. Remove the limits out of God. He doesn’t move, think, act, talk like man. Self existent God, IAM. This is the highest level of faith…when you have a personal revelation of God..for who he is not for what he says (scripture).

What is more real to you… It doesn’t matter what unemployment, sickness is here..God is not a man.

In Salvation, We have the legal part (what’s written in the scriptures) and Vital part – where you enforce the blessings. It’s your responsibility to enforce blessing, don’t cry, don’t beg.

Talk to your situation they will comply. Faith is the victory that overcomes this world (sickness, poverty, challenges). Whatever is born of God overcomes the world – 1 John 5:4).

More to read:
Psalms 116:10, 2 Corinthians 4:13, 1 John 5:4.
Eccl 10:10. Joshua 24:27, Hebrew 10:38, Habakkuk 2:4.


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